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Getting Along for Success

Getting Along for Success is a unique program dealing with individual development in the areas of:

• Awareness Skills
• Coping Skills
• Social Interaction Skills
• Group Interactions

Getting Along for Success is a series of modules designed to enhance student’s self-awareness skills, social interaction skills, coping skills, conflict resolution, mediation, and group interaction skills. Each module in the series deals with a variety of real-life situations that will help students develop social skills and interactions. The activities involve students with a wide range of specially designed simulation situations to improve their cognitive, emotional, and social development skills.

The modules will help students in identifying, labeling, recognizing, describing, and generally knowing about appropriate emotional and social behaviors.

These modules are ideal for use in conflict resolutions and mediation training. The activities provided help students learn how to solve their problems without violence. Students develop skills in problem solving and decision making necessary to function in today’s society.

All students will have their own copies of the modules which includes worksheets.

There are 17 modules in the series. Each module includes the following:

• Statements and questions informing students what they will learn.

• A series of topics, each giving a brief description of what will be covered in the lesson.

• Materials listing what the students need for the lesson.

• Activities that provide students with learning experiences that lead to the development of the skills.

• Assignments, such as individual and group projects, homework, and class discussions, demonstrate student’s abilities to transfer the skills to various situations.

• Follow-up exercises showing the student’s mastery of the skills.




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